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So far...

2010-11-25 23:59:35 by TheSlightMutation
Updated far all I have up are experiments and unfinished shorts to show for myself. And although the animation I would say is not bad at all..I think more people are judging by it's lack of an end and it's absence of audio. But like I said in the comments to my videos, I'm just starting out, trying to find a good idea that I actually like and want to stick with. I can tend to be a little ADD and can't stick it through until I find gold. But once I come up with something I really enjoy I'll be able to put my whole heart into it and I'll show you guys something that's truly great!

And I know right now I'm a nobody on Newgrounds so probably no one is reading this and whoever is doesn't really care, but I'm just letting you know, thanks for reading..



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2010-11-26 00:07:28

Whaaaaaaaat??????Your not a nobody,you are awsome!!!


2010-11-26 05:22:39



2010-11-26 05:24:14

Just practice and have fun with it, any ideas that come you can just write down until you feel ready for it.
Just have fun man :)

TheSlightMutation responds:

Thanks. :)