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The New Project

2010-12-12 13:43:48 by TheSlightMutation

I've started on my new project. I've gotten the introductory scene finished, and it's moving on at a slow and steady pace. I'm not stressin' out very hard over it but I'm hoping I can actually get this one done if I just pace myself.. Hope it's a good one!

The New Project


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2011-01-14 19:30:59

I enjoy this picture, it should be a good animation I'm sure. I hope you go through with it!


2011-01-15 11:14:10

I hope it ends up pretty good!


2011-01-17 14:12:02

For sure, don't stress yourself over it since you don't have dead lines. Otherwise it'll kill the fun of it! :D

However, I would like you to hurry up so I can watch it... :? haha


2011-06-16 07:54:37

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