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simple yet addictive

two great qualities

Some problems.

I thought that you used the a key to use the pencil but when I pressed a I'd go invisible O.O I don't know what that's all about but there was also a glitch where I kind of ran into the ground underwater and pressed jump but i got stuck in like the falling pose and couldn't move :/ still needs some bugs to work out, Bud, but overall nice.

Alright, so..

The animation was great. Fluid, clear, liked the style. The concept...eh..shaky, didn't really put much detail into the group he was in, the beast that ate them, or who he even was.

The running was great but..you should really work on strategy..you should really make the obstacles stick out more because, really, it was quite hard to see them.

Another thing that was really frustrating...the left obstacle and the right one looked so alike that, at the speed you were going you could barely comprehend which was which and by then it was too late! Plus, the jump for every direction was the same, it would make sense to make them unique in order to let it make more sense, because, since his jump is the same for every obstacle, shouldn't he be able to jump over every one with the same button? PS speaking of buttons, should really have one to go back to the main menu.

Lastly, it was kind of pointless how when you landed, you landed ON the obstacle you were trying to avoid...kind of, eh, i don't know, going against what the whole thing's about.

The animation and such were so good I wish I could give it a higher rating but, ya know, the things that weren't that good really got in the way of the whole gameplay experience so..had to bump you down. I know you didn't have much time to work on this, you were on a time crunch so I left you at a 5/10. Good work, just, try harder next time!



You didn't even tell me how to pick up keys! I was freakin out! Next time tell me how so I don't freeze!

otherwise here's a six because it was pretty good and I understand you were at a time crunch

Haha yes!

I stumbled across this game when typing up "Zombies" into the search. I'm not sure why this came up but I'm glad it did :) It's a very fun game, then artwork looks great and is visually appealing, the game is hard but very fun and just takes strategy. Good job on this!

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