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If you make another it should be called 'The Four Horsefuckers'

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Finally, we see a random video on Newgrounds that actually uses original and funny random-humor. The crazy and weird stuff that happens is actually comical and not just shouting and yelling weird things that isn't even funny and has been used a million times.

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Man I saw Fisthead but you've really outdone yourself here. Everything is perfect. The frame to frame animation is smooth and beautiful (by the way what animating software do you use?) and I love the look and style of it all, visually it's perfect. Voices were well done and the premise was really fun and light. Amazing job!!! Hope to see more in the near future Sir. :)


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LordSpew responds:

I used Flash 5, Adobe After Effects, and Maya. Thanks!

I tried to keep my cool throughout the whole video but when he goes Oney2012............Noses; I just about lost it.

C'mon man...

I see where you're coming from, I saw some of the replies on comments on this video you gave...and I see that you were just trying to joke, and that you know people with brain tumors who have passed, and you're just trying to make light of a subject. But even I, who enjoy dark humor very much and have never had to go through knowing something with that condition, know that there are certain borders that you just shouldn't be crossed no matter what you find funny or appealing. You may argue that youu thought it was funny and that you weren't trying to "attack sick kids" but it's not all about you, and no matter what you feel about the subject this video is being displayed to others and you need to think of them and treat them with respect because they might not like this.

I've followed all your work and you're soo talented. But this isn't like your other stuff. People make mistakes and even if you don't think you crossed the line, please, for all your loyal fans who really just didn't enjoy this, take a step back into the good stuff you used to make. Please.

I don't know if it's you or someone else who's giving every single review that is saying this is bad a useless review score, but go ahead, because that's not going to change that fact that deep down you know this isn't the kind of stuff to be poking fun at. I hope you reconsider for your fans


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Really Nice.

Liked the art and animation, very smooth and appealing to the eye, concept was fresh, interesting, and intruiging. Very dark and creepy but was executed so well. Short and to the point, not sure if I would have rathered it longer, it may have just been good as this short little piece, very nice work, hope to see more like this from you again, maybe about clowns, you seem to tame the concept so nicely. Cheers.



Great concept, great story, great characters, great frame by frame, great design and effects useage (such as the subtle wave of green that passes through the body has he's thrown into the chair and woken up).

But really this just captured a real essence. It had a simplicity and fun adventurous feel that makes you feel like it should be a movie, and you'd watch it! Very entertaining, and to top it all off the original music was very fitting :) I'd like to see something like this again, you'll certainly see a review from me. Cheers.


Spillkaidah responds:

yea, i will probably be creating something in the next few months or so. this has been to much encouragement to ignore.

keep going

fun and enjoyable to watch. definately more ren and stimpy than R&B though


Really great art style, great color mixtures. Plus it just made me laugh alot hahaa. Them dancing is hilarious. Great job :)

really good

strong story, good animation, and you kept it real and really creepy. Nice


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